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Dawn SUP patrol is back! Email Print

This morning might have been -5degrees C but that will not stop us from getting our dawn SUP on. The air was crisp and the sunrise was beautiful! We even found a nice little lump of a wave to have a slide on. We truly believe that getting out there through the winter is the only way to survive the dark cold months after the christmas and new year joy has subsided.

Once you are up, and managed to slip into your Spartan Wetsuits Reflex, your core body temperature warms all of the extremities. You can then just relax and enjoy the epic scenery as the red, orange and yellow skies mix with the dark blues and silver seas.

We have a huge range of Spartan wetsuits in stock on site, the perfect christmas present for all serious SUPers, Windsurfers and Kiters. Helping them stay out there through the winter months, as we all know some of the best conditions, both windy and calm waves, are found in the mid-winter.

Next time we head down for a dawn patrol we will endeavour to let you all know, so that you can join us, we have boards if you don't. All you need is experience and the drive to get out in the cold at 7am.



Plymouth University Windriders Join the Fun! Email Print


"Plymouth Windriders - exciting new partnerships!

Your committee have just been to Exeter to make new partnerships with an amazing centre, with fantastic staff. In a nutshell, Liquid Motion Watersports have an awesome shop, with prices that I have never seen before (Loli had to confiscate my plastic to stop me from buying everything in the store). The same company also just got the keys to a converted farm which over the next two years will see a climbing wall built, café installed, and a fair few windrider events and parties. With a large number of bedrooms and communal dining areas, big outdoor spaces for camping at larger events, and such friendly staff, it is surprising that any of us came back to Plymouth at all. There are two new main locations for kitesurfing and windsurfing, a shallow water "duck pond" where you can stand up to your waist in beautiful blue sea water and train in ideal conditions, or round the coast there is a white sand beach owned by the chap in charge where we can have beach parties, tents, and competitions. At the moment a weekend package of windsurfing or kitesurfing tuition, paddleboarding and surfing, accomodation and transport is looking like it will be a lot of fun. We are incredibly excited about this new partnership and are anticipating a club launch trip near to Easter, look out for details!!! Much love, James - Plymouth Windriders"


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