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This year’s season has kicked off in full swing thanks to the mild weather and good winds- the UK is delivering the watersports goods yet again! One of the main watersports that makes good use of the spring winds and isn’t affected by the spring showers is Kitesurfing.

 On the 26th of March we held our first Kitesurf Club experience with Ken, Sarah plus Jules all mastering kite control and Julian greatly improving on riding away into the distance! Our trusty safety boat affectionately named Pluto ferried everyone to one of Exmouth’s greatest kitesurfing assets, the seafront sandbar. The sandbar provides a perfect waist deep water teaching environment with safe onshore winds and wonderful views of the town. As Pluto was anchored up the remnant winds of storm Katy provided everyone with the chance to experience a true strong breeze! As part of mastering kite control, Ken, Sarah and Jules were all given coaching on how to manage the kite during unpredictable conditions- a must in the UK! Whilst they were mastering kite control Julian was shredding on by, utilizing the big winds for effortless board starts and maintaining good board speed.

At Exmouth Watersports we like to be a bit different than a traditional centre- whether it’s running a watersports taster day for school children at the beloved Orcombe point, or running an Archery Tag tournament at our National Trust site.  You can probably guess we instruct kitesurfing a bit differently too, under the name of Kitesurf Club. Instead of the standardized 1/2/3 day format you will see across the country (and the world) the Club provides continual coaching, support and advanced learning to get you on the water- the details of which can be found here http://exmouthwatersports.co.uk/kitesurfing-exmouth-devon-lessons-learn/kitesurf-club-new

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