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What's Happening at Exmouth Watersports...

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Some more great designs from Bassetts 

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We are delighted to announce our new Bar  at our Lodge and Campsite.

A typical sports weekend with us would include a couple of nights stay in the lodge or on the campsite. 

You may choose to paddle board, so it's off to the beach with you and then, perhaps a jurassic paddle or a paddle around the estuary, perhaps a jaunt up to Lympstone.  And all the time improving techniques with our fully qualified instructors.

Great exercise - great fun - I never get bored of of paddling around Exmouth - ( John SUP instructor and also paddle board instructor) Thats a lot like paddle boarding but even more relaxed.



Time for a cuppa or dare I say "Bad Apple", "Devon Red", "Wolf Rock" or a cheeky EXPORT.

This Summer we are ready for lots of water time followed by a bit more apres water time.

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