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Choosing centre equipment

How to choose the right equipment for your centre.

Let's consider the paddle boarding part of the business. How do you choose the very best products for your centre? Hours are spent reading and researching the most appropriate kit to buy for our students and able to withstand the rigours of centre life.

The centre often has reasonable waves at the beach club. When teaching paddle boarding you want flat water and light winds. So we often teach on the estuary and progress student to the waves. One criteria is can some of the boards we buy for the school go into the waves and allow a student to progress. The conditions that you teach in becomes a very important thought, for instance we had a hen party that wanted to paddle in the waves, we taught them, got them going and then they were off into the waves and had a great time. So the boards had to be big enough to learn on but able to perform in the waves.

We also consider the students them selves, bigger boards for larger people and smaller boards for smaller people. You must have enough buoyancy to support your weight but you must also be able to turn the board easily. Put a very small person on a very big board and they may struggle though not as much as a big person sinking a small board.

Our boards live in sea water and on the beach so they must be tough and able top resist the knocks of centre life.

We find that good inflatable boards can provide the right combination of volume support, strength and ease of use, with the added bonus that they are soft to land on when first finding your feet. We tend to have a range from different manufacturers as they have different properties strengths and weaknesses. And a board that suits one person may not suit another. Our instructors want to help people progress fast and so we must get them the best boards for the job.

Next season we will have a great range of teaching boards, which will also be available for rental.

See you next year 

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