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Intermediate Instructors Course

We had a great course last week. The students all passed the course and are now ready to teach new skills to improving windsurfers.

The course requires that you have logged 60 hours teaching experience as a start instructor and that you can windsurf to the correct standard to teach each skill set. We also covered water starting which is an advanced skill, but being by the beach it is something we start to teach very early on. Water starting allows students to progress into the waves or have more confidence on windy days.

So, the week's forecast was rather overcast and wet, but, I don't think we noticed it all as time sped by. We started with a discussion about the coaching system and developed our ideas to have a personal coaching feel for our students. We looked at our plan for the week and considered the forecasts. Then we were off, onto the water for a windsurf and On water coaching methods. In the afternoon we built a fun board simulator, I must say it was an excellent job by the team. Lots of harness and footstep demos and teaching.

Theory and theory - but we introduced most of it as we went along so it was quite interesting. Sailing theory, fin theory, rigging, equipment, wind and weather, safety, tides, coaching theories were some of the topics covered. And all of the candidate presentations were very good and informative.

Then back on the water - big boards, big sails and big smiles. It was quite lumpy so the gang did very well considering the conditions. I had forgotten how much effort it took to uphaul the lovely Tushingham 9.5m race sail. We were all on race boards, I tried out the Exocet div 2 - oh my word what a board, so fast to get going and upwind was amazing. 

More coaching, more demo practice and launching landing, beach starts and water starts. Breaking it all down into bite size pieces. Before we new it, the last day of the course was upon us. The gang then assisted with the 20 knot club and they are now ready to get out there and teach.

So, foot straps, beach starts, advanced stance, fast tacks, improved gybes and water starting  will be happening all year in Exmouth. Come and see the new instructors in action.

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