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End of season summary Email Print

Season 2017 draws to a close

We have had a great season teaching lots of students Paddle boarding and Windsurfing.

The Summer fell away a bit, but that was more of a problem for the Campsite. The watersports went full steam ahead and students learnt in a broad range of conditions. Most are ready for the winter winds and swells. Our strategy is based around helping students become independent paddlers and windsurfers as quickly as possible.  Yes, there's always lots to learn, but that should be a fun journey with lots of great experiences and some good exercise in the process.

Congratulations to all of you that took the plunge this year and took up a new sport. Thank you for choosing us to guide you through your first steps. We have been really impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and performance, and several have really come a long way. Hopefully they will be joining us in the winter swells and winter winds. On pleasant days with light wind we will be going paddling up the estuary from the duck pond and SUP lessons will continue while it remains warmish, but once the weather cools we would suggest reserving a place in the spring.

Here's to a great winter of sports and for those that retire to a warm cosy pub we will see you on the water in the new year. If you have not taken the plunge during 2017 email us and let's get you organised ready for 2018.

Email us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The real truth is email is the best way to contact us because we are always out on the water doing what we teach. Having great fun on the water in all sorts of conditions from the challenging days to the relaxing days, there's always something to do. 

See you soon   The Exmouth Watersports Team





Bassetts school design - we are making a brochure with them Email Print


Some more great designs from Bassetts 

Bassetts School leaflets designs Email Print

It is always great when Bassetts school join us for the annual beach and watersports day. This year they have designed some leaflets for us. We think they are brilliant


Is this the perfect day or one of them? Email Print

We are delighted to announce our new Bar  at our Lodge and Campsite.

A typical sports weekend with us would include a couple of nights stay in the lodge or on the campsite. 

You may choose to paddle board, so it's off to the beach with you and then, perhaps a jurassic paddle or a paddle around the estuary, perhaps a jaunt up to Lympstone.  And all the time improving techniques with our fully qualified instructors.

Great exercise - great fun - I never get bored of of paddling around Exmouth - ( John SUP instructor and also paddle board instructor) Thats a lot like paddle boarding but even more relaxed.



Time for a cuppa or dare I say "Bad Apple", "Devon Red", "Wolf Rock" or a cheeky EXPORT.

This Summer we are ready for lots of water time followed by a bit more apres water time.

www.prattshayes.co.uk   visit our campsite and lodge for more information


Intermediate Windsurf Instructors Email Print

Intermediate Instructors Course

We had a great course last week. The students all passed the course and are now ready to teach new skills to improving windsurfers.

The course requires that you have logged 60 hours teaching experience as a start instructor and that you can windsurf to the correct standard to teach each skill set. We also covered water starting which is an advanced skill, but being by the beach it is something we start to teach very early on. Water starting allows students to progress into the waves or have more confidence on windy days.

So, the week's forecast was rather overcast and wet, but, I don't think we noticed it all as time sped by. We started with a discussion about the coaching system and developed our ideas to have a personal coaching feel for our students. We looked at our plan for the week and considered the forecasts. Then we were off, onto the water for a windsurf and On water coaching methods. In the afternoon we built a fun board simulator, I must say it was an excellent job by the team. Lots of harness and footstep demos and teaching.

Theory and theory - but we introduced most of it as we went along so it was quite interesting. Sailing theory, fin theory, rigging, equipment, wind and weather, safety, tides, coaching theories were some of the topics covered. And all of the candidate presentations were very good and informative.

Then back on the water - big boards, big sails and big smiles. It was quite lumpy so the gang did very well considering the conditions. I had forgotten how much effort it took to uphaul the lovely Tushingham 9.5m race sail. We were all on race boards, I tried out the Exocet div 2 - oh my word what a board, so fast to get going and upwind was amazing. 

More coaching, more demo practice and launching landing, beach starts and water starts. Breaking it all down into bite size pieces. Before we new it, the last day of the course was upon us. The gang then assisted with the 20 knot club and they are now ready to get out there and teach.

So, foot straps, beach starts, advanced stance, fast tacks, improved gybes and water starting  will be happening all year in Exmouth. Come and see the new instructors in action.

Junior course news Email Print

Centre Junior activity

Come along to the clubs 

It is great having so many young people involved with watersports. We were really pleased to kick

start our T15 windsurfing young persons race club. That will be running most Sundays through out 2015 at the estuary centre. We will start in Easter and a complete list of dates and times will be published in March. Any Mums or dads wishing to get involved should come along for a chat.

We are also going to have some great Sunday paddle board sessions at the estuary and are looking to improve everyones techniques so that we can give everyone BSUPA awards throughout the year. Keep an out for some of the junior paddle safaris that will happen this year.

 The school program is already busier than last year and we are looking forward to welcoming some new schools. The multi sports days with beach crafts is proving very popular and this year we have a changing tent at Orcombe and a mini bus to collect students from the exmouth train station.

Junior programme will be published soon. They will follow the same format as last year which proved to be very popular.

Monday Tuesday just £55 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday just £89

Windsurfing, kayaking, raft building, climbing wall and paddle boarding call us now to join in with the fun. 10 am until 1 pm each day. The children get to try a range of sports and we hope that they will then join the Sunday Club. Advanced courses will also be arranged throughout the year as so many students are progressing quickly and need advanced tutition.

 So, it's going to be a busy season for the younger students and we look forward to welcoming you back or meeting you

01395 276599   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Centre equipment Email Print

Choosing centre equipment

How to choose the right equipment for your centre.

Let's consider the paddle boarding part of the business. How do you choose the very best products for your centre? Hours are spent reading and researching the most appropriate kit to buy for our students and able to withstand the rigours of centre life.

The centre often has reasonable waves at the beach club. When teaching paddle boarding you want flat water and light winds. So we often teach on the estuary and progress student to the waves. One criteria is can some of the boards we buy for the school go into the waves and allow a student to progress. The conditions that you teach in becomes a very important thought, for instance we had a hen party that wanted to paddle in the waves, we taught them, got them going and then they were off into the waves and had a great time. So the boards had to be big enough to learn on but able to perform in the waves.

We also consider the students them selves, bigger boards for larger people and smaller boards for smaller people. You must have enough buoyancy to support your weight but you must also be able to turn the board easily. Put a very small person on a very big board and they may struggle though not as much as a big person sinking a small board.

Our boards live in sea water and on the beach so they must be tough and able top resist the knocks of centre life.

We find that good inflatable boards can provide the right combination of volume support, strength and ease of use, with the added bonus that they are soft to land on when first finding your feet. We tend to have a range from different manufacturers as they have different properties strengths and weaknesses. And a board that suits one person may not suit another. Our instructors want to help people progress fast and so we must get them the best boards for the job.

Next season we will have a great range of teaching boards, which will also be available for rental.

See you next year 

Liquid Motion Training Team


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